Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My First Letter!

So I was planning on introducing you to another of my Compassion kiddos today but I have something else to share.  I received my first letter!  I was so giddy when I saw the white envelope stamped with "A Message from Your Sponsored Child."  I started dancing around (well as much as I can) and yelling, "A letter, Tony!!  It's a letter!"  I hobbled down to our room as fast as I could and started opening it.  Then devoured it with my eyes.  I still can't help grinning whenever I look at it or think about it.

The letter is from Sawdaou, my four year old boy from Burkina Faso I told you about.  It is a yellow form letter but it is still precious to me.  Since he is so young, I'm assuming that they either talked with him or his mother for the answers and someone else wrote them down.  But this is what it says.

On the front are four boxes.  Each box talks about different parts of his life.

My family members are:  My dad, my mum and my 3 sisters.

My best friend's name is:  Alahami.
My best friend and I love to play: cooking.

My Project is 01 km far from my home.
I go to my project by foot.
I go to my project on Thursdays.

My favorite food is Spaghetti.
My favorite color is white.
My favorite pet is dog.
My favorite activity at the project is singing.

On the back is a large box for a drawing.  His is of a squiggle that is labeled "a dog."  I giggled at this.  I'll try scanning it and posting it later.  Then there are two more sections for questions and answers.

Questions for my Sponsor:  Sawdaou would like to know if you enjoy cooking.

Prayer Requests:  She wants you to pray so that you will get an opportunity to come one day in his village.   (I'm assuming the "she" mentioned here is his mother."

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