Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spin Cycle

I belong to a great community on Google+ of Christian bloggers, this week we were challenged to write about our favorite Christian song.  At first I was boggled.  How do I narrow that down?  I have a favorite song or group of songs for every situation, mood or season in my life.  So I just want to talk about first a new band I discovered and second one of the songs on their debut album they just released.  The band is All Things New.  I first heard them at the Our God's Not Dead tour in Yakima back in March.  I immediately fell in love with their sound.  Heck, they have a banjo.  We only heard three songs that night, but it was enough for me to pre-order their album.

I got the album last weekend and haven't stopped playing it.  Or singing it at the top of my lungs whenever I'm alone in my car.  Because nobody wants to hear me.  But praising God along with these guys just lightens my heart.

Now to the song.  The song that lifts my heart the most is "Washed Over Me."  Here's just a taste of the lyrics:
My chains were broken, my debt was paid
I traded dirty rags for riches in Your name
And in that moment, my soul could sing
When Your love washed over me

Like water, You poured out
And grace covered me
When Your love, oh Your love
When Your love washed over me

My search is over, I've found my home
My cup is overflowed, with You I thirst no more
There on the river I found the victory
When Your love washed over me 
 This song reminds me that Jesus died to set me free from my sin, from death.  I am righteous in God's eyes because of him.  The visual I get of God and Jesus' love just pouring out over me and the world brings me to tears.  Belong is the lyric video of the song, take a listen, praise God with me and the guys from All Things New and let me know what you think and what songs remind you of God's great love for us.


  1. I don't believe I've heard of this group or song before! Nice sound! My husband who's watching the Cards game even paused to listen.

    Thanks for introducing us to someone new!

  2. I enjoyed this song very much. Have not heard it before. Thanks!

  3. I've been enjoying their music on the radio for a few months. I need to go out and buy their CD (still old fashioned that way!). And yes, who doesn't love a banjo! :-) Thanks for sharing Jennifer!